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Not sure if you should buy organic? Here are the produce you MUST buy organic!


The Produce you MUST buy organic

When it comes to eating healthy, the emphasis goes beyond just carbs, fat, protein, and calories. It even goes beyond food groups!

When you make the conscious decision to start eating healthier foods, it’s important to pay attention to what’s in your food.

Did you know that the nutritional value of most our produce has decreased over the last few decades? The food we eat no longer gives us the nourishment it used to, requiring us to seek other sources of vital nutrients.

This is due to the increasingly more common use of pesticides and genetically modified foods (GMOs). 

By consuming organic food as often as possible and choosing foods that are locally grown, you can minimize the effect of pesticides and GMOs in your diet!

Beware These Foods: The Dirty Dozen

These foods have been named as the most likely to be contaminated by pesticides. If you’re on a budget, these are the foods you want to prioritize buying organic.



3.Sweet Bell Peppers






9.Grapes (Imported from elsewhere)




Safer Bets: The Clean Fifteen

These foods are the least likely to contain pesticides, according to the President’s Cancer Panel. Because of their many layers and rough outer skin, these foods are less likely to be toxic when bought conventional.



3.Sweet corn



6.Sweet peas


8.Kiwi fruit






14.Sweet potatoes (also known as yams)

15.Sweet onions

Guidelines for Staying Safe When Buying Food

Most foods are much better for your body, on multiple levels, when purchased organic. They’re closer to the earth and more care has been taken to ensure that they’re raised in a natural setting. 

If you’re not able to purchase organic at a grocery store, farmer’s markets are a great alternative. Local farmers aren’t subjected to the same large-scale requirements of a corporate or a farm subsidized by the government. They’re usually more likely to use fewer pesticides and more natural methods when growing foods. Often, these small farmers carry organic produce, even if the label itself doesn't say “organic.”

It’s also easier to buy foods that are in season if you have local sources. Farmers want to ensure that their stock doesn’t go bad before the next crop comes to flower. Eating seasonally is also statistically the best way to avoid food that has been genetically altered to remain fresh longer. 

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How to heal naturally from auto-immune disease

shutterstock_137615693_1_0Finding and eliminating the root cause of autoimmune diseases requires detective work, trial and error, and patience—but theresults are worth it.

Here are nine strategies I typically implement with my patients looking to find the root of their problem:

1. Eat a whole food, anti-inflammatory diet. 
Focus on anti-inflammatory foods like omega-3 wild fish, leafy greens and turmeric, and avoid inflammatory foods, such as sugar and corn oils.

2. Look for hidden infections. 
These include yeast, viruses, bacteria, and Lyme. A functional-medicine practitioner can help you identify and eliminate these infections.

3. Get tested for celiac disease and hidden food allergies. 
Your doctor can use a blood test to help diagnose celiac disease, which occurs when your body has an immune reaction to eating gluten. 

4. Get checked for heavy metal toxicity. 
Mercury and other metals can be a risk factor for autoimmunity.

5. Fix the gut
About 60 to 70 percent of your immune system lies right under the one-cell-layer-thick lining of our gut. If this surface breaks down, your immune system will get activated and start reacting to foods, toxins, and bugs in your gut.

The easiest way to begin healing your gut involves eating a whole food, anti-inflammatory diet and removing gluten and other food sensitivities.

6. Implement supplements. 
Nutrients like fish oil, vitamin C, vitamin D, and probiotics can help calm your immune response naturally. Also consider anti-inflammatory nutrients like quercetin, grapeseed extract, and rutin.

7. Exercise regularly. 
Consistent exercise is a natural anti-inflammatory. You don't necessarily need to go to the gym, run on a treadmill, or pump iron to stay in shape. Just start moving around more, use your body more, and have fun.

8. Practice deep relaxation. 
Stress worsens your immune response. Calming techniques including yoga, deep breathing, and massage can reduce stress and anxiety to promote relaxation.

9. Sleep eight hours every night. 
Lack of sleep, or poor sleep, can damage your metabolism, cause cravings for sugar and carbs, make us eat more, and drive up our risk of numerous conditions from diabesity to autoimmune disease. Sleeping well is essential for vibrant health and reversing inflammation.

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This Weeks Assignment for Change

Weekly Assignment

Build your confidence and self-trust, feel the fear and do it anyway, and celebrate accomplishments.

Believing in yourself is key to your success.

1| Dress for success
How you dress can have a big impact on how you perceive yourself. When you feel confident about the way you look, it changes the way you carry yourself and encourages you to interact with others confidently.
Action step:
Clean out your closet. Donate all of the clothing that no longer suits you and mindfully choose some new pieces that make you feel great.

2| Walk this way
Walk with energy, purpose, and confidence.
Action step: Practice! Make a conscious effort to strut. Even when you’re feeling down and discouraged, walk tall and smile!
3| Be thankful
Having gratitude for all of the positive components in your life will shift your energy into a state of abundance. This will enable you to attract more positive opportunities and experiences.
Action step: Write a list once a week of everything you are grateful for such as loving relationships, personal successes, your health, etc. Let it guide you through to the following week.