Alisa Abrams, CHHC, AADP, IAHC

This Weeks Assignment for Change

Weekly Assignment

Build your confidence and self-trust, feel the fear and do it anyway, and celebrate accomplishments.

Believing in yourself is key to your success.

1| Dress for success
How you dress can have a big impact on how you perceive yourself. When you feel confident about the way you look, it changes the way you carry yourself and encourages you to interact with others confidently.
Action step:
Clean out your closet. Donate all of the clothing that no longer suits you and mindfully choose some new pieces that make you feel great.

2| Walk this way
Walk with energy, purpose, and confidence.
Action step: Practice! Make a conscious effort to strut. Even when you’re feeling down and discouraged, walk tall and smile!
3| Be thankful
Having gratitude for all of the positive components in your life will shift your energy into a state of abundance. This will enable you to attract more positive opportunities and experiences.
Action step: Write a list once a week of everything you are grateful for such as loving relationships, personal successes, your health, etc. Let it guide you through to the following week.


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